The Weight Watchers

The Weight Watchers program is a good, quality weight loss plan. Fifty years old, it is backed by science and experts, and it continues to improve. Just about any tool you can think of is available.

SUMMARY: Keep track of your eating through their point system, attend a support meeting with weigh-in (or do it online), and earn activity points through exercise. Many different variations of their plan are available for men or women at every age and lifestyle. The new Momentum program focuses on making smarter food and portion choices (instead of just counting calories). You prepare your own food, although they do have some products available.


  • you shouldlearn to eat better for a lifetime
  • lets you indulge
  • support system through their meetings (available almost everywhere) or online
  • encourages you to exercise
  • professional and solid weight watchers core plan
  • lots of recipes available if you subscribe


  • learning their point system for food and exercise
  • counting calories
  • some people don’t want to weigh themselves at a meeting
  • Weight Watchers leaders come and go, so you may have to keep finding a leader that motivates you
  • some people lose weight through deprivation instead of making new habits, so they gain it back
  • $18-40 per month and a start-up fee (usually)

House Call from Dr. Dave – What is his opinion?

Weight Watchers is a portion control diet plan, read more about diet pill PhenQ here. There have been scientific studies comparing this plan with others. The average weight loss over 1-2 years has been around 6-10 pounds. One study showed that much of this weight loss initially is from lean muscle – not fat.

I like this plan because it gives a tried and true structure to weight loss.

There is a great support system for those that are motivated by interacting with others. It uses real food which is nice because you don’t have to change your diet to eat foods that you are uncomfortable with or unused to.

On the down side – it takes quite an effort to memorize or get fluid with the points system. Like any other plan – those that lose the most weight are the ones that stick with the program. So make sure that you like the food that is allowable.

*This review is our opinion only. We are not affiliated with any weight loss companies in any way and do not receive money or products from them. You’ve probably noticed we’re most in favor of losing weight by making a series of small permanent changes in your lifestyle (which would be approved by your doctor). And we like to do it as close to free as possible.