Teen Tamer Not

I’ve been told I’m a “Teen Tamer.”  I laugh at that idea. Teen girls don’t need taming as much as they need loving and understanding. I do both from the heart, and they know it.  That’s why I have success where other’s fail. I genuinely adore teen girls. They are a promise unfolding and they need support, not shaming or blaming. They need current advice for an ever changing world. They need someone to stay on top of all the changes. I do.

I recently wrote a few lines for a retailer, explaining how to increase sales in the teen market. It’s not hard to do when you really like to have teens in your shop. A lot of retailers see teen girls as problems not profits. How sad. If retailers only understood that both you and the teen girl could benefit from a retail experience, both would win.

There are no tricks up my sleeves, no sleight of hand. Everything I do for teen girls comes from an authentic position of caring. It has too. Teens have a bullshit detector to rival any hound dog’s sniffer! You can’t fake caring about teens.  They know who is concerned about them and who is exploiting them.

The more I work with our world’s teen girls, the more I admire them. They are doing their best to navigate their way into adulthood in a time when everything adults used to know and understand about the world has been turned on its head. Yes, some girls are having problems. Yes, some girls are committing horrible crimes. Yes, some girls are giving birth at young ages. Yes, it’s a mess out there at times. But… our girls are doing their best. They want to be loved. They want to be respected. Let’s help them, shall we?

The next time you see a group of teen girls you think look slutty, or evil, or…. look again. The  word respect comes form the Latin word  respectus. It means to “look again.”  Take another look at those girls. Do you see how brave and beautiful they are underneath their attempts to get attention with their clothes, hair, tats and  piercings? Do you see the little girl in them who still is unsure, who wants so much for someone to love her? I see it all the time. I hope you can see it too.

I don’t want to tame a teen. I want the culture to change a bit. I want teen girls to have more resources to grow up with self-respect. I want parents to understand how to parent in today’s new world. I want the world to begin to “honor the girl.”

I want teen girls to learn to rock respect for themselves and for others.

A simple wish, yes? Please join me in seeing and expecting the best in our teen girls.