Bullies in the News

By now we all know that bullies don’t just do their dirty work on the school playground, roughing up smaller kids for their lunch money. Bullies attack their prey 24/7 via texts, emails, calls and social media. The really creative ones find nifty ways to invade privacy with webcams and other video devices, as we saw in the tragic incident at Rutgers.  Bullying is a big news topic these days. Even People magazine has devoted ink to the problem.

Parents are asking two important questions: “What can I do to keep my child safe?” and  “What do I do if my child has been bullied?”

But there are two other important question that needs to be answered. “What should my child do if they witness or know about bullying?” and “How do I keep my child from becoming a bully?”

I’m addressing all four topics on my new website, www.respectus.com  which goes live Oct. 20th.

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There are ways to bully-proof your child. And there are things your child should know about how to diffuse a bullying situation, report bullying and stop from becoming a bully.

Nutshell: there are ways your child can gain more self-respect, show respect to others in increase their health and happiness!